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Cat Photos Friday #93- New Cat!

Now for the story of this little cat!

She showed up at our house one day, just skin and bones and starving for food.

As she was busy munching away, Jeeves peeked out the window and fell in love at first sight!  I think he loved that they had matching colors.

She showed up nearly every day, screaming for food.

Jeeves would try to plow through the glass to get to her!
  Cloud didn’t like her at all, and Chester just thought he was looking at Jeeves, so he had no opinion on the matter.

It started getting really cold at night so I kept the door to the back porch cracked, and offered a warm bed. 

When it was really cold we thought we would bring her inside for the night and let her camp out in the bathroom. Well, the scent of her gave Jeeves a case of non recognition aggression and he forgot who Chester was and tried to kill him! I thought if I showed him his girlfriend that he loved so much, he would calm down, but then he tried to kill her too….

We put her back outside and it took days for Jeeves to stop trying to kill Chester. I thought everything was in the clear but then he smelled her lingering scent and it happened all over again. 

So sad! We thought we were about to get a new cat.

She enjoyed hanging around out yard, even the roof!

She was not amused when I made her pose for a picture before dinner. But she looked so funny sitting on that post!

After a while she started peeking in the windows, and driving Jeeves even more insane!

I loved this little cat, but we couldn’t keep her around without out guys losing their minds!
(They even managed to knock over this greenhouse during their madness!)
 I started walking her up to my mom’s house to see if she would stick around there. My mom let her spend a few nights inside and her cats had a much less extreme reaction, so she decided to keep her!  This little gal is a very good cat and will hopefully become great friends with her two new sisters. 🙂

We’re still thinking of a name. I called her Maude, but my mom is liking the name Rosie. What do you think?