The cats love my bed. On this day they were hanging on with me while I was studying. I took pictures because it was the first time Cloud tolerated being this close to her brothers.

As you can tell by her face, she was still pretty skeptical.

Everything was great until the boys decided to hit her in the face with their tails..

Which made her CRAZY.

But then they eventually got along!

Happy Friday!

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  1. oh! i just can't get over how adorable they are!
    i just have to mention really quick that i love the lighting and colors here. the light coming in that window is perfect!

  2. My word your kitties are such cuties – I love how fluffy the ginger kitty's tail is! We're packing for moving and our cats favorite new place is to climb has high as they can on the pile of boxes and sleep up here all day!

  3. Such adorable fluffy sweeties! I don't my 3 kitties ever hang out that close together. I would just want to jump on the bed and cuddle up with everyone ~ xo
    Love, mum

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