With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to start dreaming of what presents you might get.. And the cats are dreaming big!

They would love a nice new cat condo! This one made from a real tree is so neat, and much better than that ratty one they have now.

Or maybe this fancy one, complete with an exercise wheel!  Jeeves would love that so much.

Cloud prefers this Pink Martini cat condo. It’s just her style don’t you think?

I think this nice modern one is more my style
I think they would also have a lot of fun hanging from the ceiling !
 This luxury bed is perfect for staying cozy on those cold winter nights.. Plus it comes with drawers to store their toys in.

Which one would you choose? I would love to be able to get the one with the exercise wheel, I bet my guys would really use it. But that little bed is hilarious!

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  1. I love all of these!! The modern one is my favorite; I can't wait until Shawn and I have a more permanent home and we can put simple shelves on the walls for the cats to climb on. That bed though…. that bed is nicer than our bed! I doubt our guys would ever lay in it though 😉

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