Three years ago, a white cat showed up on our back porch one evening…
She was very friendly. So friendly in fact, that she raced inside the house and jumped on our bed and made herself at home!

We had just moved into our house, and decided that in the month of October, we would get a cat. Well, Cloud showed up on October first!

What fun!  I had Steven take a photo of me and our cat visitor because I was sure that she would go back to where ever she came from and I’d never see her again. She had to belong to somebody, she was too friendly not to!

But, when I looked outside the next morning, here’s what greeted me! She couldn’t stand not being in our house and screamed at the door if I put her out.

We went around the neighborhood asking about her, but no one claimed her. So.. We kept her!

Our new bundle of joy!

Only problem was; we had just picked out Chester and Jeeves a few days before, and were going to bring them home the next day! Three cats seemed like a lot, so we didn’t plan on keeping Cloud. But after having her for a few weeks, we couldn’t imagine getting rid of her!

Before she grew her fluff, she looked like a little boy! This picture makes me laugh whenever I see it.

She was so happy with her new home.

I can’t believe this crazy cat chose our house to live in!

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  1. She is adorable, Sarah. Isn't it always the same, those cats adopt us, it's never the other way round, is it. It was the same with my beloved Mim, he saw me, he adopted me and that was it. I still miss him like hell. Well, OK, happy Friday, girl.

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