I couldn’t help myself. I bought a tie for my cats..

Chester surprisingly didn’t mind wearing it!

Cloud did NOT feel pretty in the tie and protested by sitting on a flower book.

Or maybe she just didn’t like Jeeves in her face trying to figure out what was on her neck.

He was very concerned when Chester and Cloud wore the tie.

I thought Chester would go crazy with the tie on, since he’s the wildest one, but he hardly seemed to notice it!  I thought Cloud wouldn’t mind it since she was the only one that has ever worn a collar, but she hated it! Jeeves was predictable. Only slightly annoyed.

(Sorry about the terrible grainy pictures.. I guess I really need to get around to getting my camera fixed!)

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  1. i found myself laughing uncontrollably over these! Oh my word, the looks on their faces and the 'dialogue' you add is so perfect i just lost it. I had no idea you could by ties for cats. How cute!

  2. I have to say, Jeeves looks the best snazzed out all business-like. He's so handsome! Cloud would look best in pearls and a cardi, maybe a tutu!! That was fun. Thanks for the giggles

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