The cats are all decked out and excited for the Holiday weekend!

(These expressions are the hilarious result of me making a high pitch noise in attempt to make them look at the camera!)
Cloud acts like a statue and lets me drape her in all kinds of party paraphernalia. 

Jeeves knows cats don’t belong on tables, so I always have the worst time getting him in the photos. Then I realized I could move the photo shoot elsewhere. Problem solved! 

It’s time to party! 

I hope everyone in the US has a good Fourth! And I hope everyone else has a great weekend!

See last year’s July Fourth photo shoot here!

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  1. What happy silly fun photos! How I LOVE festive pets!! The expression on jeevesy's wittle face is so funny in the first photo. The other two are just hams for your photos. Such cuties! This made me smile.
    Happy Fourth!
    xo♡ mom

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