One day, each cat was hanging out in an odd place, all at the same time. I saw them one by one as I walked through the house.

(I’m pretty sure they planned it out that way!)

Happy Friday!

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  1. Haha Ed does the same with the computer chair, she's known to sit on the loo too but only if she's trying to get water from the sinks tap. Much more likely however to be found in the bath tub!

  2. they're so funny and cute! Sometimes Daisy will lay on the back of the recliner chair and everyone thinks it's just hilarious, but i guess she can see out the window from there. I'm sure they have their reasons!

  3. Ahahah, the cat on the toilet reminds me of my kitties! They always feel the need to follow me to the bathroom – one hops up on the toilet and the other on the sink – attention whore much?! Haha.

    Your babies are just so lovely! 🙂

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