These guys sure love their cat tree, although they’ve nearly torn it to shreds! One of these days I am going to cover it in some sort of fabric.

Jeeves likes to race through the house at lighting speed, take a running leap onto the cat tree, bolt to the top and stand tall.

He’s a shy guy, but he’s brave when he’s on the cat tree. Usually he doesn’t let anyone else touch him besides me, but when he’s feeling bold on the cat tree, he’ll let just about anybody pet him a couple times.
But then he gets weird and hides again!

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  1. That's a hoot! You've described Jeeve's quirky personality perfectly. He's the King of the World on the cat tree but reserved around strangers. I Love that you've captured him in that pose.
    It makes me smile when I drive by your house and get a glimpse of one of your kitty babies up there in the crow's nest. Xo♡ mom
    ps I would also like to recover my kitty scratching pole with new jute rope.

  2. Haha, that cat tree does indeed look a bit rough round the edges! 🙂 Just means they use it, which is what it is for!


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