Last year I made a tiny snowman and then stuck him on the front porch for the cats to see. 

They were mildly weirded out.

Jeeves got a good look and then marched away -too weird for him.
Chester scratched at the door, he wanted to get out there and meet the little guy!
And Cloud just stared him down..

Happy Friday! Stay warm!

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  1. Ha ha! It's always funny to play tricks on pets. I seriously freaked out when I saw this youtube video of a magician performing “magic tricks” on dogs and the dog's reactions were so funny! They would see things disapear and get all confused and start looking around and even walking behind the magician to see if the item was behind him. Too funny. This would be something I would do to my dogs…. I also love hiding behind doors or around the corner and jumping out to scare my dogs as they are running through the house. Their reactions are priceless!

  2. That was wonderful! Read just like a children's story, maybe a cute little chunky board book. My fav thing was the first photo of the tiny baby snowman at the door and his little stick arms are flung out like he's at the door all fabulous, Ta – Da!

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