Jeeves can hardly contain himself he’s so excited for Christmas

I got the cats a new gingerbread house and they were very excited to check it out.

But Jeeves thought the box it came in seemed like a better house.

Cloud is a big fan of the chimney this one comes with.
 And she also decided that the tree skirt should go inside the house.
I wanted to get all three cats posed for a picture but Jeeves wasn’t too impressed with the house, so I had to lure him with a toy. The only problem was Cloud couldn’t stand his absurd behavior and marched away!
Chester ended up busting through the wall of the house because he’s so big.
Then he attacked my snowman.
Annnd once Jeeves left, Cloud came around and went a little insane with the toy.

Have a Crazy Christmasy Weekend!

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  1. that first picture made me laugh out loud! you're great at this, lady, capturing your cat's personalities and silly stuff through your images and great narratives. what a joy.

  2. Little ones really fell in love with the house! You are so good in telling stories, love it. Cats are little bit naughty and very cute, how they are playing with the decorations, I like it so much :*

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