Christmas time is here and the cats couldn’t be more excited! With all the bright and shiny decorations, it’s no wonder why cats always seem to love Christmas.

In this photo Chester was taking a bite of the tree.
I found some Christmas bandannas that I thought the boys would look festive in. Fun fact: I used to have these tied around my toy cats when I was younger, one of which was orange and named Chester!

My mom’s cats Sookie and Zoe are feeling festive in their holiday sweaters.

Chester thinks he’s hiding!
And this is the face Cloud made when Jeeves  got in “her” gingerbread house. 

Hope everyone is having fun getting ready for the holidays!

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  1. They look so cute and stylish in this clothes! Really enjoying the Christmas atmosphere. It's wonderful when you can celebrate holidays with house full of your lovelies :))

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