Happy Halloween!

I picked up some Halloween decorations and made each of the cats a necklace to get them in a spooky Halloween mood.
Jeeves is always a blur…

Have a bunch of fun!

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  1. Amazing necklaces for cats, I am so enchanted 😉 These are some lovely photos, your lovelies are too adorable dressed up for Halloween!
    Happy holiday, have a fantastic time :***

  2. lol they're so cute and silly. i love the bright orange colors against their fur. fun necklaces like these you just don't see on cats. i think they could have their own fashion blog!

  3. This is too awesome! How nice that your kitties would sit and let you take such gorgeous photos of them! And I'm pretty sure if ever there was a holiday for cats it would be Halloween. Such pretty cats! 🙂

  4. You really got some good shots of Chester during this photo shoot and I LOVE the one of Jeeves even if it is slightly blurred. He look so sweet & inquisitive. Love these sweet kitties!
    xo ♥ mom

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