(Most of these pictures are from my phone, sorry for the graininess!)

We never intended to have three cats, our original plan was to get one cat. But when we met a lady selling rescued kittens at Petsmart, she convinced us to get two. Then of course, Cloud showed up unannounced and before we knew it, we had gone from zero to three cats in a matter of weeks!

I’ve had cats all my life, but these guys were something else! For months I was convinced that they didn’t sleep because all the ever did was run. They ran from room to room wreaking havoc on anything and everything, and leaving every surface in the house covered in fur as they went. It was a lot to get used to and I felt really overwhelmed!

Here is a hairball I collected after a few minutes of brushing, a few more minutes will get me about five hairballs this size! There are constantly furballs rolling through the house like tumbleweeds, we’re always picking cat hair out of our food and when we have guests over we have to use a lint roller on the couch ._.

And then there was the issue of them all getting along.. Cloud hated her brothers! She would sit behind the fruit bowl for hours hiding and looking disgusted.  I read all the tips online about how to introduce cats but nothing seemed to work. Eventually I gave up and just let them all out together which was exactly what everyone said NOT to do. But after a few days she got over it and stopped hissing and trying to kill them.

Cloud and Jeeves don’t really like each other. One day I caught them sharing a chair, but they never shared anything else ever again. Hey, at least they tried!

Cloud and Chester get along pretty well, maybe it’s because they both share a love of water.

And of course Chester and Jeeves are best buds since they’ve been together since they were kittens.

The boys still give her headaches from time to time.

But overall they have fun getting into daily shenanigans together. In this photo they ripped into a bag of unopened cat food, and Cloud was playing dead on the floor hoping the boys would get all the blame.

After a few months I got used to the craziness, and they eventually calmed down a liiitle bit once they turned one year old.  Now they take an almost four hour nap during the day! We have also learned to live with everything being covered in cat hair. They are still super energetic though and are always up to something, which keeps life exciting.

For good measure, here are some more pictures of Cloud hiding behind the fruit bowl, it cracks me up!

Do you have any crazy pets?

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  1. oh how your feline family always makes me smile and laugh!! i just love your cat photos friday, i always know i'll enjoy hearing more about their shenanigans!

  2. I can just imagine what it must have been like trying to sleep and hearing three sets of paws scampering through the house. Reading about Cloud never fails to make me laugh. She seems like she has such a strong character about her! And Chester and Jeeves look just like partners in crime.
    I think the craziness at my place only really happens when my two cats and my two dogs are in the same room together!

  3. Cloud does have a very expressive face! Is it bad that I find her hiding behind the fruit bowl so funny? Like a time out.
    Kittens are rambunctious but they grow out of it and those naps will get longer. Just think of pet fur as Love!!!
    I ♥ those guys!
    xo ♥ mum

  4. Oh I do love your kitty tales. Ed – our oldest cat, she's been with Joe for about 9 or so years and originally lived with another cat that was his ex, and those two kitties hated each other. We didn't know if it was just Ed being cranky/moody or just an issue with the other cat so when we got Smokey from a rescue home we were really worried about the pair of them getting alone. We tried the whole slow introduction but I think them both knowing there was another cat in the apartment and not being able to see it, I think that freaked them out a little more. So, we just put them into the living room and let them go on with it, there was some hissing and growling but in a day or so, they got over it and get on just fine. Sometimes you just have to go with your guts. Then again i'm not sure how well it'll all go down when we eventually get around to having a dog … that might be interesting!!

  5. Cats are great! And a giant pain in the butt. When we brought Sylvester home, we ended up just letting him and Lloyd do their own thing too… we tried to keep them separated for a few hours but Lloyd was obsessed with getting into the room. Since then, they've gotten along better and better as time passes. And yes, there is cat hair e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. Though, not as much as in your photo above – jeez!!!

  6. I think it must be best to just let them figure things out for themselves. Be lucky you have two short hair cats! I think longhairs must shed twice as much because they get so hot with all that fur.. -_-

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