The weather has gotten cooler and the cats are excited to be wearing their sweaters!
(Yeah right..)

These are Cloud and Chester’s looks of extreme concentration, they were keeping their eyes on the treat in my hand.
The sweater Jeeves is wearing I knitted for Cloud, she’s not happy about him stinking it up. But he had to wear it because he does’t sit still enough to wear the poncho thing that Cloud  is wearing. It would fall right off!


Stay cozy this weekend!

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  1. I ♥ Fridays – and seeing what your silly kitties have been up to. That last photo of Chester with his one eye winking is super funny, I just want to squish 'em!!
    ps…Now we know your secret to how you get such great photos.
    xo ♥ mum

  2. yeah right… LOL! they are so cute! the sweaters look actually really good on them. in the winter, i sometimes try to put a crochted sweater on daisy, sort of like what cloud is wearing, but she HATES it. with passion.

  3. I'm impressed that those sweaters were on long enough for you to take pictures! I've never had good experiences with putting things on cats (except for Kitty, who would happily model the baby hats I made, and also scarves…)

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