Cloud got fat…

When we went on our latest trip to Monticello, Cloud over-ate and got really fat. Normally I feed them wet food twice a day and some dry food at night before bed. But since my friend was coming over only once a day to feed them, we left out a whole bunch of dry food so they wouldn’t starve. Well, they aren’t used to that so they pigged out like crazy! The boys didn’t get too much bigger, but Cloud was really round and SO heavy!
And she felt ashamed of herself.
She was so angry from being fat and that we had left that I couldn’t touch her without her trying to claw and bite me!
Luckily she forgave us for leaving  after a day and after about a week of being on a diet she was back to her normal weight! 

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  1. She is real beauty! Puffy and adorable 😀 Lovely phots with this gorgeous baby girl :-* The little ones really enjoy in food, I have a rabbit who loves to eat a lot, and its so cute :-*

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