I decided to feature Zoe in this weeks cat photos friday, since the 9th marks the three year anniversary of when we found her.

It was my sister’s birthday and my mom was going to let her pick out a kitten. They went to Petsmart with hopes of taking home a cute little cat, but their adoption process is very extensive and would have taken days to get approved to adopt a cat. So that was a bummer.

Later that evening Steven and I decided to take a bike ride on the greenway near our house. When passing this weird raised manhole that led to the sewer, we saw a tiny kitten sitting on top crying so hard. I stopped in my tracks and tried to get her, but she was scared and jumped down into the sewer pipe. I could hear her cries echoing though the pipe. :'( We continued on with our bike ride but I couldn’t stop thinking about the poor little kitten that I thought for sure I’d never see again. On our way back we looked around and found her in a ditch of the other side of the path! She was crying at me but was still too nervous for me to get her. I have no idea why, but I decided to mew at her, she went quiet, stared at me, and mewed back. I mewed again, and she took a few steps and mewed back. This went on until she got close enough for me to grab her! I put her in my bike basket and we raced home to show my mom and sister what I found! I still can’t believed I mewed a wildcat into my arms..

Month later we went back to the site and took a picture of where she came from. That’s the thing she was sitting on when we first saw her.

She is the craziest little wildcat! 

She loves her scratching pole….

Especially knocking it over..

…and chewing the corners

This the first picture I took of her after we brought her home. Exhausted from the bike ride!

Sookie was a bit skeptical of the new baby..

She tried to keep an eye on Zoe at all times, but sometimes she feel asleep at her post!

Eventually Sookie got used to her 🙂

And just in case you weren’t already overloaded with cat photos. Here is a video of baby Zoe in all her wildcat craziness.

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  1. Zoe is adorable!! I love found kitten stories. When I was younger, my family and I were at an arboretum and when we were about to leave I heard distinct mews coming from one of the trees. We checked it out and found a kitten stuck near the top of a large pine tree! My dad was able to get her down and we took her home. She had a few litters of kittens over the years, and we kept one cat from each. The last two passed away last year 🙁 But we never would have had them had it not been for that one found kitten!

  2. what a wonderful story! this sounds like something that would happen in a novel or storybook. how very special and adorable she is. i'm sure you and your family will talk fondly of this day for many many years 🙂

  3. My BABY!!!!
    What a terrific tribute to the nuttiest, cutest, naughtiest & most entertaining cat ever! I'm not sure i have all these photos. She sure is photogenic!!!

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