Ever since I got these three goons I have been wanting to get a good picture of all three of them together like I did with my mom’s cats. Buut, these guys have more energy than I ever thought possible for cats so it’s almost impossible to get all three of them to sit still  long enough for me to snap a picture. And if they do manage to sit still, usually at least one of them has a ridiculous look on their face, which I usually don’t mind, but I wanted something a little more serious for their portrait.

The other day I was determined to get a good shot. Armed with a handful of treats in one hand,  a feather on a stick in the other hand and somehow managing to hold onto my camera, I ended up getting a decent photo!

This one is going on my desk at work. Not even joking.

And now for the ones that didn’t quite make the cut..

 He wanted those treats BAD.

This is the face Cloud makes when the boys get a liiittle too close

I’ll leave you with this gem..

Have a good weekend!

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  1. oh my goodness are these ever hilarious! i love your cat babies! i hope that if i ever get a cat or two they'll be half as entertaining as this lol

  2. Ah so cute! My favourite is the third photo from the bottom, it made me laugh. You can really see each cat's personalities in all your pictures. Amazing that you got them composed so perfectly for the first one, especially when they sound like such energetic cats!

  3. Cloud looks so sweet and fluffy sitting on the box in the first photo but the ones that didn't 'make the cut' are just too hilarious, especially the one that they all seem to be lined up!
    Cuteness OVERLOAD!!!!

  4. Oh my god! I love the one where they are all sitting in almost the same position, with their heads tilted almost the same way! They look like statues there, but my guess is that they were completely the opposite the entire time!

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