Tomorrow it will be four years since Cloud showed up at our house and decided to move in!

It was a chilly October day when we came home from grocery shopping and this little white cat was hanging out by the back door. The first chance she got, she raced inside the house and made herself at home by jumping on the bed and looking comfortable.

I thought for sure she must have a home since she was so friendly, so I took this picture to remember her visit and then put her back outside.

The next morning I found her hanging off the back door screaming to come in!

It turned out that Cloud didn’t have a home after all, and had chosen our house to move into. We just couldn’t turn her away, even though we had just picked out Chester and Jeeves to adopt, so before we knew it, Cloud became our cat too!

Cloud was about six months old when she moved in, and hadn’t grown her fluff yet!

She was so happy she chose our home!

She’s a very crazy, funny, fluffy cat.

I’m glad Cloud chose our home. And I think she is too, even though a week later we got her two little brothers that drive her crazy 🙂

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