On Christmas Eve I took Chester and Jeeves to my mom’s house to visit. Cloud Stayed home because she doesn’t like meeting new cats, plus she needed a break from her brothers. My mom’s cats were on the blog the other week, you can find that post here.

Lucy and Sookie were curious about their guests.
Zoe was not.

“New toys!!”
I love Zoe’s crazy face here!

The boys enjoyed their visit and Cloud enjoyed her peace and quiet. It was a fun day!

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  1. I almost forgot it was cat photos Friday, {or even Friday} but I was thrilled to see all my favorite kitty darlings here again. All these photos are terrific such sweet and funny faces! I bet Zoe misses that cat tree more than the cousins. I Love that photo of Chester in the pet taxi. He looks so cute.

  2. hahahaha, Zoe was NOT impressed, was she? She's so adorable, but looks like she kept trying to get away.
    Thats so sweet that the got to go and visit!

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