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Camera Equipment Wishlist

I’m always dreaming of what my next camera accessory purchase will be and I thought it would be fun to share my wishlist.

I have a Nikon D5100 and it’s perfect in just about every way. My only wish is that it was full frame, but that’s a story for later.

I love my 50 mm lens, but sometimes it’s just too zoomed in to be practical. It’s nearly impossible to shoot indoors with it since I have to stand so far back to get everything in frame. But the pictures it takes come out magical so I would like to try out the 35 mm since it is less “zoomed in”

Polarizers are great for outdoor photography, they make colors stand out and reduce reflections. I really want to get one to see what it can do!

ย Ever since I first got a camera I have really loved taking close up shots of things. One day I would love to own a macro lens to take proper close up shots of my plants and the bugs that like to come visit my garden.

I have a few bags that work alright as camera bags, but I would really love to have a proper camera bag to carry everything in. Especially if it’s cute like this one!

And last but not least, probably something I’ll never own, but I keep it on my wishlist because it’s fun to dream. ย A fast zoom lens. It’s fast because the aperture is huge and can let in a lot of light, allowing you to have a higher shutter speed than normal, in darker situations. My 50 mm is a fast lens and I am obsessed with the effects it has. I would love to see what kind of photos a fast zoom lens could take, but they cost well over one thousand dollars!

What is on your camera wishlist?