Bodie Island Lighthouse

During our brief, cold beach visit, we managed to check out one of the lighthouses. I had been to this one a few times before but never climbed it before this day.

Folklore says the lighthouse was named after all the dead sailors that shipwrecked on the outer banks’ jagged shores, but really it’s named after the body family who first purchased the land where the lighthouse sits.

I love lighthouse interiors; stepping inside is like stepping back in time. There is such a spooky and lonely atmosphere to them.

It’s a long climb up 214 steps to the top.

A view from the bottom looking all the way up. I wonder if anyone has ever fallen off the steps..

Bodie Island Lighthouse overlooks the marshland between the outbanks and the mainland.  It was interesting to climb the lighthouse on a stormy day and see the storm clouds swirling around us. In this photo you can kind of see the rain coming down on the mainland in the distance.

As soon as we climbed down the lighthouse the rain started really coming down, so we raced to a little shelter and waited for it to pass. This vacation sure was an adventure!