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Blue Ridge Parkway- Winding Roads

About a month ago Steven and I took a trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway. I never meant to wait so long before posting these, but once I got my new lens, I was less than enthused about these photos taken with my old one, especially since a lot of these were taken from inside the car. But maybe I’m just being picky.

This is probably the craziest road I have been on. It starts out pretty smooth, but then you have to go straight up the side of a mountain so it’s nothing but super steep hills with hairpin turns. I think I got sick every time we drove it.

This is the one shot I managed to get that kind of shows the crazy turns

The parkway is a scenic road that runs atop the Appalachian mountains in North Carolina and Virginia. It has some amazing views and we love driving along it. We try to take a trip up there at least once a year.

On some parts of the road you almost forget you’re approximately 3000 ft up

 Until you go around a curve and there’s a straight drop down! With no guardrails!
I love the architecture of these old bridges 

If you haven’t traveled the Blue Ridge Parkway before, I recommend checking it out! These photos don’t even begin to do it justice. You can see for miles. Miles and miles of mountain ranges with small towns and farms nestled in the valleys. The air up there is so fresh and relaxing.