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Biking Adventures

We finally started riding our bikes again. We used to ride them all the time, but the last few years we have been seriously slacking.

Our favorite bike trail has been closed for construction, but we decided to be rebellious and bike it anyway. The first part of the construction zone was nearly complete and easy to bike though.

The new bridge is already sporting some graffiti.
Unfortunately the second construction area was a little bit too muddy to get through so we had to turn around. It was still a fun little adventure though.

Since the trail is closed, they haven’t been bothering to keep with the mowing. I personally prefer the overgrown look!

The other trail we like is off in the country. It’s a nice flat path with lovely views of pastures and fancy houses.
More graffiti sightings! 
Biking is definitely my favorite way to exercise!

Do you any of you guys ride bikes as well?