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Beach Trip- Crazy Catamaran Ride

There is a lighthouse close to where we stayed at the beach, but we had never been to it because it’s only accessible by ferry. I have always wanted to see it though, ever since I was little, so it was definitely on my list of things to do during our trip. We found out there was a two hour catamaran cruise that takes you to the island, serves lunch, lets you wander around the island, climb the lighthouse and then takes you back. It sounded like a ton of fun so we decided to do it.
And it was fun.. Until about an hour in and then we both got so seasick we almost barfed, despite taking motion sickness medicine beforehand. I had no idea it would be such a wild ride! The boat was going up and down like crazy, which was actually really fun, kind of like a carnival ride! But not fun at all once the seasickness set in..   

I had never been so happy to see land in all my life!  They dropped us off at the tip of the island before taking us to the lighthouse, which supposedly is one of the best places on the coast for finding shells, but by the time we were able to choke down our lunch and start feeling better we barely had any time for shell searching and didn’t find any good ones. 🙁  That place was amazing though! I definitely want to go back and spend hours there; the water was crystal clear and there were so many shells!

 One the boat there was a wild sea dog! The captain said she had been riding the seas with him for eight years.

They also served two dollar yeunglings on the boat! Which I partook in once I was feeling better on the trip back.  I realized what the secret was to not getting sick; keep your eyes looking forward. Duh, I should have known that from riding in the car, I’m the kind of person that gets carsick if I do anything but look out the front window. Heck I’ve been known to get sick from swinging on a porch swing!
The Cape Lookout Lighthouse! In addition to protecting ships from the dangerous shores, it also acted as a compass. The middle of the black diamonds point north-south, and the middle of the white diamonds point east-west.  The lighthouse also got in the middle of a civil war battle and ended up having two holes blown into it with a cannon! Poor guy.

Once you get to the top you have to crawl through this silly door. I felt like I was in a submarine.

It was the BEST view I’ve ever seen! 
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 The captain of our boat said it was the best view on the east coast, I think he was probably right!

It was definitely worth getting seasick over!