Sure it’s nice to look at all the fancy rental homes, but I much prefer the little beach houses that people actually live in. 

One evening we drove around the little beach town and took pictures, I like to imagine what it would be like to live at the beach.

In an alternate life I would like to live on a house boat. Just floating along the coast, going where ever I want.

This place was called the Caribbe INN. Haha get it?! ._.

I can’t tell if I would love to live at the beach, or if I would get bored of it eventually. It’s hard to imagine ever getting tired of the sea side.

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  1. I love all the colors you see at the beach! And Shawn and I have been talking about living on a houseboat… I think it would be a pretty neat thing to do for at least a year.

  2. These are awesome picture, Sarah! I totally love your alternate life idea, too. I think it would feel so perfect and ALIVE to live on the beach. Like, right at the end of the block is the rest of the world.

  3. I love the idea of being near the beach! In terms of living, I think I would prefer to be next to a big lake surrounded by woods. One of the things I like about my apartment now is that when I look out of my bedroom window, all I see is trees (and a little bit of the neighbors house, lol). It's always nice to dream, though.

  4. There is something so appealing about sleepy fisherman villages and local beach towns… as opposed to seaside resorts, crowded boardwalks, and flashy hotels. I've always liked stepping away from the beaten path when I go to the beach… There's a kind of romance that you find when people choose to live off of and next to the sea, that just can't be found elsewhere.

  5. hello sweetie!!
    I`m here the first time & I wanna stay!
    How about follow each other?? I always follow back when I propose it 🙂
    I tell you that because I really love your blog! WOW!
    Pics so inspiring & descritpions are great!!!!
    so let me know sweetie!

    have a nice day!
    keep in touch 🙂

  6. Love all the wonderful photos, especially the quirky side. It does make you wonder about the Beach Life and what everyone does for a living out there? Wouldn't you feel obligated to adopt a 'Don't Worry Be Happy' attitude?
    Does one ever grow tired of all those long romantic walk on the beach in the moonlight?
    xo ♥ mom

  7. I love the photograph with that apartment building (or i'm guessing that's what it is) with those brightly colour doors, I love that. Houses need colour, whether it's the building or the woodwork. My great aunt lives in a British seaside town, every morning she goes out and takes a walk along the shore, must be nice having that sea air on the doorstep.

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