The power plant that once supplied energy to  the tobacco factories in Winston-Salem has been sitting vacant for many years.

It sits closed off from the world, by a towering chain link fence.

(A fence I would love to sneak through, but am too scared!)


Many companies had been contacted to restore the old building, but they all turned away, as they thought the building could not be saved, or would be too complicated of a project.


Luckily one company finally saw the potential and has finally gotten to work, restoring and updating the former power plant.




Bailey Power plant is one of the most unique buildings in Winston-Salem. There are big plans for it, and I can’t wait to see them unfold.

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  1. Oooh, what do they have planned?

    We had an old Stella Artois factory in our town (after they moved to a new location across the road) which sat abandoned for years. We did actually sneak in for a peak around. It’s been demolished now and they are building new apartment blocks. It does look quite nice, but I wish they’d do something other than build more student housing.

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