When we were at the beach last month, we checked out the aquarium on a slightly rainy day.

I love watching all the fish swimming around, it’s so peaceful.

I was very relieved that the only sharks I saw were at the aquarium. There were so many shark attacks this year, and so many of them were close to the beach we stay at! I definitely stayed out of the water this time around.

The first time we went to this particular beach, years ago, we didn’t have enough money to buy aquarium tickets, but we asked the people at the front desk if we could look around the gift shop and they said that was fine as long as we only went in the gift shop. We went in there with the best intentions, however, the gift shop basically opens up to the entire aquarium so we couldn’t resist taking a quick peek at the fish. We were only in there a couple minutes when all of a sudden we saw the person who had let us in the gift shop coming straight towards us!  We raced out of there so fast, jumped in the car and sped away. I don’t think the person even saw or recognized us though, but we sure thought we were in big trouble. Haha!

It was nice to return as paying customers this time. 

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  1. Watching fish just swim around is very very peaceful, come to think of it. It's been years since i've been to an aquarium, but one on a rainy day sounds perfectly delightful.

  2. haha! I always have the urge to sneak into things! Fish are interesting creatures, they are very relaxing to watch. You got some good photos too, I always find the glass too reflective when I want to take photos.

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