2017 was the biggest year for travel so far. A second trip to NYC with my friend, a visit to Houston for the first time, two beach trips, a weekend exploring the mountains and finally a return to Detroit.

I am still happy with my job. Even though it can be a bit crazy at times, and I work long hours some weeks, it’s enormously better than the places I came from.

The garden was expanded even more, but I ended up getting way burnt out looking after it all summer.

2017 brought some big remodels to the house!

In 2017 I got a new laptop. And then had to buy it again when someone smashed in our door to get it 🙂

The only thing I would change about 2017 is managing my time better to fit in all the things I want to do. I have so many hobbies and interests on top of the usual life chores which need to get done, that I find it quite overwhelming and end up doing nothing at all!  But perhaps I can change all that.


2018 will be filled with more travel. Hopefully including a trip to another country, a better trip than the 30 minute drive around Canada in the middle of the night.  So far a trip to the desert and another NYC trip are being dreamed up.

2018 will involve more vegetable garden planting, but hopefully not that part where I get overwhelmed and ignore it for the last months of summer as it becomes overgrown with weeds and tomato plants that grew there by themselves. And then yell “Don’t look at it!” When people come over for a cookout..

Maybe in 2018 I’ll finally make use of the film developing supplies I bought ages ago. And write up some vintage camera tutorials I’ve been meaning to write.

Sometime in 2018, my Etsy shop will once again open. Maybe I’ll even add a few new pieces to it. Heck, maybe I’ll even make a few new pieces!

2018 will bring more home remodels. But what will it be? New Bathroom? Kitchen? Exterior? A carport for a new car?  Only time will tell!

Oh and maybe I’ll finally finish that temperature blanket I started last year!

I hope everyone had a great 2017!

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