These pictures of from a fun Autumn Saturday, two years ago, spent exploring. They were taken on the same day as these photos that I used in an outfit post the other week.

Me, Steven and his brother met up for some Chinese takeout and then went on an adventure to find a way to walk on a train bridge that we always rode bikes under, and we also ended up finding some other neat things as well. We finished the day by getting a bunch of fun snacks from a gas station and discussing our great adventure!

We found a place to park close to the train tracks, and started walking towards the direction of the bridge.

Found it!

It goes over the greenway that we like to walk and bike on, but we had no idea how to get up to it.

It is really high up. Not to mention it’s still in use. We kept freaking ourselves out thinking we heard train whistles and were ready to bolt at any second. (Hi Mom!)

I edited this one two years ago and the rest were done this month. It’s interesting to see how much I’ve changed my editing technique, it’s a much more natural look now. In some cases I still like the strange look I used to give my photos, but I feel like it would be exhausting to look at my posts if all the photos were like that.

The street we parked on to get to the bridge was in a pretty run down area, there were lots of abandoned houses and this one had a way to get in!

It didn’t have a whole lot going for it..

Next we walked on the old pedestrian bridge that was close by. I had ridden under it a million times on the interstate, but never walked on it before. I’m glad we did because it’s torn down now. 

That’s another train bridge in the distance that we didn’t walk on because I was too scared of that one for some reason. This area looks completely different now, they are putting in a giant intersection.

Next to the pedestrian bridge was an old forgotten cemetery that I had no idea existed!  I wonder if it’s still there even though this area is under construction now.

This was one of those days that I often think back on and remember how much fun it was.

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  1. That is a creepy house!
    I was just thinking about the photo editing thing the other day… I used to play around with the colors of mine so much more in the beginning, but now I pretty much just re-size, adjust brightness and contrast if I need to, and call it a day! So much quicker. Cameras have also changed in the last few years… I think that has a lot to do with it as well.

  2. wow what a view from that railway bridge of all the trees, I bet it was awesome to be up that high amongst them. Love that old bath in the abandoned house, that'd be worth a lot, they don't make baths like that these days (i've been watching far too much Rehab Addict on the DIY channel to know this lol).

  3. I always love your photos. Though the way you edit them has changed, I think both styles look great.
    How brave of you guys to walk on train tracks that are still used like that! I imagine I'd keep hearing phantom train whistles too, and what creepy places. They must have been so fun to discover, especially exploring that little abandoned house. Little adventures like that are always nice and memorable.

  4. oh i would be so scared up there! i used to hang out around some tracks before we moved and it was kinda scary even then. i can't imagine being up high like that with, like, no place to go. but i LOVE these pictures. the tracks and trees are just so awesome. i totally get how just a simple adventuring day can so stick out in our memories for years to come.
    totally dig old houses 😀

  5. I Love these photos! Some of them I have saved on my computer but i didn't realize that those bridges are not there anymore. That is kinda sad but I guess that is progress for ya. Could u really see our house from up there?

  6. What a beautiful area! Those colours simply look amazing…

    Have a great day,

    P.S.: Thanks for leaving such nice comment on my last post!

  7. This looks like such a nice day – I love all the autumn
    colours on these pictures.
    And that abadoned house looks so nice from the outside. 🙂

  8. Nature is incredible beautiful 🙂 I am in love with this autumn pictures, they look like a post cards Its interesting to explore these abandon houses 😉 You have such an wonderful day :*

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