Just outside the middle of downtown Detroit, in an old abandoned brick building just off of a main road, is the coolest antique store I’ve been to.

It was a cold November day, right before Thanksgiving. We were spending the day wandering around my old homeland before heading to dinner at my brother’s house. We decided to choose an antique store to go to, and it ended up being the best choice.

It was filled wall to wall with interesting items as most antique stores are, but the ceilings were also filled. With old lights, chandeliers, and even windows and chairs!

The store was called Detroit Antique and Props. Apparently they either currently, or at one time rented theater props out as well as selling antiques.

The whole store, but the attic in particular held furniture and building materials taken from all the abandoned and crumbling places that fill the city. Bathroom sinks of every color, industrial lights of every size; anything could be found in there.

There were lots of things we wanted, but all that came home with us were two small cameras, since not much else would fit in our small carry-ons that were already stuffed full with a weeks worth of winter clothes.

We often think about coming back to this interesting little place we stumbled upon.

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  1. What a lovely store. I enjoy going antiquing, but seldom can afford the prices. There are some things in the photos that I remember as a child like the metal red outdoor chairs. I owned one a few years ago and tried selling it at my yard sale. A lady asked if we would take a dollar for it. My wife, not knowing it was worth anything, sold it to her. I later learned this lady was a scrapper.

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