If you asked me what my favorite place in the world was, I would have to tell you it is Cape Lookout Island.

It is an uninhabited Island, only accessible by ferry and is home to the Cape Lookout lighthouse.

On the ferry ride over, you may be lucky enough to spot the wild horses that roam these islands!

All the lighthouses on the outer banks are painted different colors as a way for sailors to recognize what part of the coast they are at. Cape lookout is unique in that it is the only lighthouse that not only tells you where you are but also what direction you’re facing. The center of the black diamonds point north/south, and the white ones point east/west.

The island is quite large, so there is a truck shuttle that will take you on a short tour through what used to be a little village, before dropping you off at the sandy point. 
(Say hello to Mr. Dragonfly who photobombed my picture!)

Many years ago Cape Lookout was home to a small village. However, when the island became a national park, the residents were evicted and many of the homes were either moved or burned down. A few of the houses remain today, and act as places to stay for researchers and members of the coat guard.

I would love to live in this peaceful little spot.

The truck weaves down a bumpy sandy path, through brush and sea grass, until you find yourself on a thin strip on sand extending out into the vast Atlantic ocean. 

The view of the point from space!

The view here is different than on the regular shore. The water is more blue and crystal clear, the sand is softer, there are almost no other people in sight, and the only building you can see is the lighthouse off in the distance. I feel like I could spend days here.

As we explored, we found there was a small lake that formed in the middle of the point. The sand there was so mushy, it made me think of cornflakes! You know, like after they have been sitting in the milk for a while and get all soggy.. It was quite funny to walk through.

The lighthouse is always in sight. Keeping watch over the shores.

The best part about Cape Lookout, are the shells! This area is known as one of the best shelling spots on the coast. I’m not sure exactly what makes it the best location; maybe because the point is so far out into the sea, or maybe it has something to do with all the old wrecked ships beneath the water that provide the perfect home for sea snails, or maybe because there’s just less people around to snatch them up. Whatever the reason is, there are hundreds of them just laying on the sand, waiting to be picked up and given a good home. 

It was a dream come true. For years I have been wandering the beaches, looking the perfect conch shell. When I saw all these guys just laying on the sand, I raced around like a maniac, stuffing them into my beach bag, and watching in amazement as more washed up in the waves.

During this trip I had hoped to find just one conch that wasn’t too broken. I got way more than I ever thought possible!  I’m not sure what I plan to do with so many shells, but they make a pretty cute collection, and remind me of my favorite place in the world.

I am already dreaming of the day I can come here again.

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  1. What a gorgeous lovely spot it is, Sarah. No wonder it's your favorite, looks so calming and relaxing, I can almost hear the seagulls, hear the waves………..wow! I'm starting daydreaming, lol. That's a cute swimsuits, btw. Happy hump day, Sarah.

  2. This looks like such a great getaway! I wouldn't say no to a trip 🙂 I love to find shells, but I don't bring them home since there's always that looming “we have to move one day” though and I wouldn't know what to do with them. Not that I've ever seen so many great shells as you have there!

  3. Great post & wonderful photos! I love your descriptions, especially the tidbits about the lighthouses. Finding so many cool seashells is like finding treasure washed ashore. Sure is a darling bathing suit. xo ♡ mom

  4. I can see why this is your favorite spot of all c: so peaceful!
    Why are there no more villages around? Even the smallest
    is gone!
    Anyway I like your polka dot swimsuit too c: And yay for
    finding the shells you wanted! Xx
    Ice Pandora

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