A few weeks ago we took a trip up the to blue ridge parkway as the trees were just beginning to change colors. We took a nice long hike and then started to head over to craggy gardens, our favorite spot on the blue ridge. But as we drove along, a storm began to roll in!

We watched as the clouds began to engulf the mountains.
(Can you spot the waterfall??!)

A thick blanket of clouds began to rest among the tree tops.

Soon enough, we were inside the cloud!

It was a little unsettling to look over the ledge and see nothing but white, when I knew that there was a 1000 foot drop hidden beneath the fog.

Eventually we made it to craggy gardens, which is the perfect place to watch storms pass over the mountains.

It was such a neat experience to be as high as the storm clouds themselves! I want to go back to the mountains on a stormy day again.

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  1. I love these photos! I rarely have the chance to drive through clouds, but I love being on a plane and flying underneath, then through, then over the clouds!

  2. These are some gorgeous photos! They have so much atmosphere to them. When we went to Dublin for the weekend, we were hiking and the fog began to settle around us, it was equally eerie and beautiful at the same time.

  3. Such beautiful pictures. I love a good misty walk. They are so moody and stunning at the same time. We had a similar drive down the sea to sky highway. Mist everywhere and huge drops to the sides of us. x

  4. this is so amazing, holy cow at the waterfall and this whole story in pictures, really. I can't wait to see this place in person someday, the Blue Ridge just seems so amazing and your photographs make me fall more and more in love with it with each shot.

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