Last St Patrick’s day we had dinner at my mom’s house and while dinner was cooking, we realized something was missing..  We needed a fun themed drink!
I ended up making this concoction, which turned out to be really fruity and so darn good. Since St Patrick’s day is coming around again it got me thinking about this delicious thing and I had to dig through my photos to remember what was in it. And since I was doing all that, I thought I might as well post the recipe in case any of you guys wish to partake in this bubbly fruitiness. 

The Ingredients

2 parts sparkling strawberry water
1 part coconut vodka
1 part Midori
Plus 1 rainbow gummy!

Story Time: During dinner some strange people came to the door and just barged right inside when we opened the door to see who it was! It ended up being vacuum sales people from Kirby and they would NOT leave. Since I had about two of these in my system my social anxiety went away and I yelled at the guy for messing up our dinner, and that I was perfectly happy with my 100 vacuum and would never buy his ugly 4000 dollar one. He finally left after an hour of my snide comments. From what we read online, we got lucky. Most people from Kirby stay for hours on end and won’t leave until you threaten to call the cops!

Here’s to hoping this St Patrick’s day does not in vacuum sales people!

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  1. Nice photos of your terrific boozy concoction. Glad you were able to recreate that delicious Shamrock-tini but enjoyed a nice evening together chatting away on the veranda with no weirdo interruptions from strange sales people.

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