One morning, I looked out the window to see a particularly thick layer of fog covering the 
ground. My first thought was “To the cemetery!” 
I’ve always found cemeteries to be peaceful; a quiet place to wander around, seldom running into anybody else. A good place to think about anything, and everything. All of life’s silly little problems seem to slip to the back of the mind.

The fog hung like a thick blanket. It felt like I was in my own tiny world.

Philosophers have long recommended that we spend more time in cemeteries. To help us appreciate, and understand the fragileness of life. It  was a man named Heidegger who said “To get in touch with life, we must first, get in touch with death.

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  1. Amazing! I just want to grab my camera and head down to our cemetery, except that it's dark outside and I'm missing that fantastic fog you've got! I love fog! I've hardly seen this winter!

    Fog and cemeteries go hand in hand, it adds so much atmosphere to the photos. These really are gorgeous.

  2. The combination of the location and fog makes for such intriguing pictures…such a good feeling of being in your own world for a little while.

  3. Wow those are some outstanding & other worldly photos. That cemetery really is one of the most interesting gothic lovely places I've ever seen. And your reflection on life & death is spot on. It helps to remember what is really important. Xo ♡ mom

  4. I love cemeteries! I still want to work there or a morgue (my “weird kid” is showing, isn't it?). Those photos are so pretty! They would also look fun in Black and white to hang for Halloween! 😀

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